Rim straightener

Speedyround Evo II ®

Rim straightener

Speedyround Evo II ®

The only full-automatic rim straightener on the market.
Second generation product protected with international patents.

Fully automatic. The operator needs only to mount the rim on the machine and need to use touch screen to effect the rim repair.

Checks rims for structural defects, including micro-fractures and concentricity faults and repairs inner rim. Working capacity is 10″ to 22″ rims covering all types of car rims. Touch screen is mainly in symbols and in English language. Easy handling.

Infrared heating element to soften the interior of the rim at areas of repair. Compact design which will fit easily into any repair shop. Precisely manufactured in Italy from highest quality materials according to EEC standards and EEC accident protection standards.

Provides good extra income!

This is a unique product, patent protected and very well engineered on user experience and precise observation.

This outstanding machine is the perfect solution to straighten wide rims on a professional , safe , quick and fully-automated way.

Probably the only tool to repair large, expensive and special rims as well as ordinary ones.

This economy-level base machine is very popular among professional shop owners.

Rim straightener auto

Technical features

Working capacity10" - 22"
Max. rim width12"
Power supplyThree phases + neutro 380 Volt / 220 Volt 2,5 Amp - 50/60HZ
Sound level55 db
DimensionsW: 500 mm.
H: 900 mm.
L: 1.100 mm.
Weight165 Kg.
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