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ZERO ITALY is an innovative and cutting-edge work in the design and manufacture of machines targeted to multiple industries (Rollcut – Roll slitter – Rim repair – Rim fix).

The products we offer are modern, technologically advanced and excellent quality, such as to ensure a consistent and reliable performance over time.

Pursuing the path of research and innovation, ZERO ITALY  has produced many models of equipmentS, manual and automatic, ranging in the areas of digital printing, signage, through automotive to the most advanced and sophisticated technologies of carbon-composite materials.

All of our highest quality products are the result of ongoing research, always listening to the needs of industrial companies. Only in this way and often with the additional and concrete support of the companies involved, we have been able to achieve ambitious projects and practical equipments that always stand out for practicality, safety, attention to detail and accuracy.

Browse our catalog online now! You will find the detailed technical specifications of each product and its related accessories. And for any information, please contact us now: by phone or simply by filling out the form in the section “Contacts”.

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Rollcut – Roll slitter – Rim repair – Rim fix